We leave for Thailand in 13 days!!! I'm really excited!

We leave December 4th and arrive in Thailand December 6th. It seems weird, but because the time difference is not just a few hours, but a whole day different, we are actually leaving December 5th Thai time. Anyway, we are going to be spending time in Chiang Mai (in the North) working with university studetnt, teaching them english and just hanging and making friends until January 12th. After that we will go further north to a place called Chiang Rai to work with three different ministries whose main goal is community development. We are excited to get our hands dirty and be creative in sharing the gospel! We head to another location on January 25th to help out a ministry wherever we're needed. We have to make a border run into Myanmar (Burma) because we were only granted 60 day visa, and we are in Thailand just over 60 days. So we will leave for Myanmar January 31st, stay over night, and then head back to Chiang Mai for three days of debriefing. We come home to Honolulu February 4th.

When i see it all written out like that, it seems like we hardly have any time there, but i know it will feel like a long time after we've been there for a while. I really loved Thailand when i was there this past Spring. Granted I wasn't doing ministry, but i love the Thai people and their food! I know God has alot in store for us. Please pray for our team as we go out!

Prayer Points:
Health and Safety
Team Unity (there are 20 people on this team- its HUGE!)
My co-leader, Breanna, and I
The ministries we will be working with
Open hearts from, and divine appiontments with Thai people

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