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The DTS is going really well. I think the students are finally realizing this isn't a church camp, and starting to get really serious about why they're here and listening for God to direct their steps after DTS is over.
We went out to Waikiki Wednesday night for a Halloween outreach/evangelism. It was absolutely crazy-town. My co-leader, Breanna, myself, and one of our students teamed up and walked to a fairly busy corner to pass out candy. But every attempt at getting someone to come over and take a piece, hoping it would lead to a conversation, led to people thinking it was poisoness. In all reality, it probably looked that way; we weren't dressed in costume of any sort, we were just standing in random places on the strip, and to top it all off, the candy was in PAPER BAGS! haha. It's funny when i think about it now. But eventually we got some takers, that even asked questions-other than if they could have our number. Breanna talked with some girls that she came to find out were only 13 years old! One of them in particular was very drunk and maybe even more. Bre tried to tell her she's too young for this kind of life, and that there is more out there for her. We prayed for her at the end of the night, hoping God would plant a seed through what Bre shared. On a more positive/fun note, there were some pretty creative costumes. Alot of them had me cracking up! :)
I am doing well too, getting things ready for outreach. We leave in just over 4 weeks and time is flying! If you think about it, take a minute and pray for our team. Its quite large, and me and Bre can use all the prayer we can get! God is doing alot of stetching in my life, and challenging me in my faith and trust in Him. He's done so many amazing things in my life, and I know there is so much more of His provision for my life to come.

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