My Life in a Picture...

Here's the long-awaited photo journal. Not the last of it, of course.. but something to get started with! Enjoy :)

The DTS in lecture. Learning about Hearing God's Voice.

Go in to all the world...

This is where we eat all of our meals.

YWAM often = Youth With A Meeting (the Tin Cathedral, where we hold our lectures, worhsip times, corporate get togethers and meetings)

Hanging out in the back of a meeting, Jason, plays with Play-Doh. His parents are from the Philippines but are on furlow from India right now. Their other sons are Johnny and Joshua.
Megan, Danielle, Sarah and Julia...

and Silje inside the Asia Pacific Missions Center for "Creative God Time"

My house!

Our little kitchen and a bit of the living area.

Another look at our living space and kitchen.

A look inside...

This is what one of the student rooms looks like. Four girls in one small room is cramped. and messy.

The entrance into my closet... i mean my bedroom... well, my closetroom.

My lofted bed.

Ok, ok... I need to clean my room. I know.

Hi :)

I share my bathroom with 6 other girls... this is the proof.

My not-at-all-like-a-resort shower. ... Just for the record.

My bathroom sink. Pretty, huh?

Mister Matt Hughes. Head of Maintenance. Working hard at putting together a new dumpster for the base.

Jordan, a staffer who works hard every day in the yard, and Danielle, a DTS student, posing with their yard equipment.

Julia, a DTS student, mowing the lawn. Behind her is the playground for the kids, and the much used volleyball court.

We've attempted to hide some of our "base junk"... however, the shrubbery isn't quite long enough... Mom, I know you would hate this! lol

One of our DTS Students, Megan, reading in the shade.

This is in the back of the Tin. It lists all of the long term-ers that our base has sent out, and to where. It's pretty cool!

This is one of the gazebos on the base. Great for quiet times, and getting lots of bug bites.

The Asia Pacific Missions Center. Started by Kevin and Kim Darrough for the purpose of partnering the local church with missions in East Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Some people hanging out outside of Hospitality.

The Hale Koa... where I live :)

This is a common request of people entering homes in Hawaii. It's a very asian thing, but also a way to show respect.


  1. Love the pictures! Keep them coming :)

    Would love to see a "day in the life of Elise" photo entry ;)

    Your shower scares me. seriously. :)

  2. wow, some of the buildings look so different inside than what i remember!! can you please post photos of the inside of the APMC?? And looks like someone did renos and bought new furniture in the Shekinah, fun! Love the photos! And I love you!!

    Miss you too....lots.

    xoxo Robby

  3. I need to see more of you!!!

  4. I want that "base junk" coffee table, which I would paint bright, shiny turquoise. Oh yeah!

  5. Sissy,

    I went through this whole picture show and didn't see one drum. Where are the drums? The earth turns to in time and drummers rule!!!

    Your Dad,
    ...also a Drummer!