A Raven in My Life

Corbin Michael Moslander. Where do I even begin?

He is the youngest of us four kids... but exceeds us all in height (he is 6ft. to be exact). I can't believe that today, Febrauary 4Th, he is turning 16! I really do have memories of him being a baby... a really sweet, chubby baby :) Everyone loved him the second they laid eyes on him. Tender eyes and a tender heart. --Sorry if that embarrasses you, Corbs. But I only speak truth. To this day Corbin is one of the sweetest kids around. He really cares about people, and wants to help out. If nothing else, he always has an inspirational laugh or a joke up his sleeve.

I have missed dearly the majority of the last four years being away from home. When I "left home", Corbin was still a boy at 12 years of age. By the time I get back, he will be a 16 year old young man... on his way to discovering what the Lord has for him in his future. I pray that he encounters God on his own, understands who he is in Christ, and stays the sweet little-est brother I've always known him to be.

If Corbin was here I would tell him:
I love you! and even though I HATE when you tickle me... I always love laughing with you!
Don't break too many hearts, please.
Love God first, and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Never quit loving people, and having fun! (you take after me in this... just sayin')

I love you, Corbs! Happy Birthday... and for goodness sakes, stop growing!!


  1. You two look so sweet together. Thanks for putting up such a nice post for Corbs.

  2. What a loving big sister you are. That will be of such great value to him all his life. I feel so many of these same feelings for your dad! :)

  3. Indeed a sweetie - both of you! Happy birthday, Corbin!