It's approximately 6am on a day full of things to do. Knowing this, you are not about to waste any time getting up and ready for the day. Especially the getting up and going to the bathroom part. See, when you live with 12 girls, the early bird gets the worm... or the bathroom in this case. So, in a rush to get in the bathroom I do a little dance when I see that my own is occupied already. "Shoot... try the other one!" Is a quick thought in my mind. Running through the living room and kitchen in early morning light, I forget to check the floor for geckos... and the ever-so-dreaded cockroaches. Much to my unwanted surprise, THIS:

runs accross my feet! GROSS! But all I can say is, "This is YWAM"... and:

"HA! I win again!"


  1. HAHAHAHA way to go elise!! my hero!!

  2. OMG! Funny...and gross. I hate cockroaches.

  3. In Louisiana-they weighed like, 7.2 ounces each and you could hear them scurrying around the floor. You'd have to stomp your feet and say "Everybody out!" Otherwise-you'd actually trip over them. ICK!