A Piece of My Heart

We have an outreach team going to Bangladesh in April. Yesterday, I was asked to come pray for the team to get the Lord's heart for that country and the people there, because I've been there myself.. and loved it. I wore my Bengali shawl while I prayed for people, when I prayed for the girls on the team, I had them wear one as well. It had a big impact on them. It got me thinking how much I really did love Bangladesh, and how excited I am for another team to be going there. Here are come pictures from my time there, and some facts about the country. Help us pray for this nation!

The U.S average for population density is 86.2 people per sq. mile. Bangladesh, population 156 million, has 7,656 people per sq. mile.

Up to 60% of the Bengali people live on less than $1.25 per day.

Bangladesh is affected by major cyclones, on average, 16 times a decade.

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  1. It just seems like yesterday that you were in Bangladesh. I will add them to my prayer list.