I am here.

Some peoples "get-aways" would look like this:

A place serene and quiet, that makes you feel like you are away from civilization. No phone calls or emails to check... unless you want to, of course. And then you enter your hotel room; there are few without access.

My current get-away? Not like that. But still a "get-away" none the less.

I get to see people that I love. And I await the phone calls that give me my daily plans to see more of those people. I get to sit in a home, decorated by creative geniuses that welcomes kids of all ages with open arms. A place I so easily meet the Lord. A place for me to get my barrings. A place my heart still calls home.

This time around, it is a safe place. Today I feel safe enough to allow the Lord to find me, instead.

Thank you, Lord, that you meet us where we are.

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  1. Elise, my niece. YOU are a breath of fresh air, a delight and a joy. You are precious to me and everyone you touch. You are adored and loved deeply. You are the ornament of any room you enter. Love you...Aunt Jeanie