I heart Projects

Tonight I have intentions of gathering supplies, setting myself down in front of the TV(yay for cable!!) and getting to work on my latest project idea.

You see, my very own La Prima is coming to visit for my birthday!! (Insert major excitement and lots of random squealing here) We share o-so-many tastes in decor, fashion, and life, that my house must be in tip-top shape for her first ever sighting.

My idea, for those of you who would like to know, has been inspired by Real Simple- my favorite magazine! It contains mustard yellow lace, mix-matched frames, pictures that tell stories, lots of colorful spray paint, and double sided sticky tape.

Bring it on!
(oh, and don't worry. I'll post pictures when it's complete!)

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  1. and from the pics you sent me things look awesome!!! can't wait to see more pics!! miss you!!