Projects gallore... and more to come!

Ah! It's taken me close to forever to get these pictures up. I never forgot... but I lost my camera when I moved back to South Dakota from Hawaii :( I had to borrow my mom's. So that is my excuse. And here are the pictures of the so-fun-to-do project...

And the latest in my household news. I shall be moving, once again, to a new location. More space, less money. No complaining... But I will miss my humble abode dearly. Oh, don't worry. I will be blogging about this upcoming move... it's going to be epic... and one HUGE project! Bring it on!

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  1. awwww ... there is a picture of us on your wall! ::::smiles::::

    Lady... where are you moving to? I need an update chat... (or at least an email) asap!