Saturdays. For me they are usually half taken by work. No sleeping in, no cartoons, no fun. But this past Saturday- I played hooky! (I actually had two legit reasons for calling in to work, but for stories sake, we'll pretend I'm BA)

I had THE best morning playing hooky! First, I slept in. Only until 9am, but hey! Compared to getting up at 5am for work at 6am.. it was definitely sleeping in. Then I laid in bed for an hour... I LOVE doing that! I finally got out of bed, headed to the kitchen to make some delicious coffee, and out my front door window see a man. Standing in front of my house. Dressed in all camouflage, LOOKING THROUGH BINOCULARS! Yeah! I know! Weird, right? (not to mention, a little creepy) So I watch him for a couple minutes, and then he sees me. Oops. He starts to walk around the side of my house, on the sidewalk, and down the alley. Of course I'm completely intrigued by this point, so I keep sneaking peeks out my kitchen window. And what'd'ya know... He's stopped, behind some shrubbery mind you, peering through those binoculars again! At a new house! So ya know what I did?! That's right... I called him in! ... Basically in the end I felt like the old neighbor lady from Ann of Green Gables who is always in other people's business.

Anyway, all this to tell you the next thing I did. Made the MOST delicious breakfast- and it was healthy! I had fresh peaches and scrumptious raspberries together in a bowl with yummy French Vanilla Soy creamer poured ever-so-gently over the top. Yu-umm-y! Here's a picture. It was taken with my phone, which usually gives it a painting-esq look... But I think you'll get what I'm saying.

To more Saturdays... Even if they are found by playing more hooky.

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