Sighs of Relief and Feelings of Fulfillment.

It has been too long. I miss my blog... I have had so many blog ideas, meaning to come make posts when I can, but I'm learning that mental notes don't really mean anything to me. I must take after my mom in the memory department. Hehe

Anyway, so much to catch up on. For the moment, however, I am taking a little vacation in my favorite place. Colorado. Christiana(my sister) and I made the 10 hour drive yesterday. We are here for a week. And I am SO glad to have some quiet, relaxing days to think and hopefully- catch up on some blogging! Yay for a non-week that you can fill with whatever your little heart desires! Happy doing everything... or nothing!

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  1. We need lots more weeks between 2 holidays, don't we? Just a week to re-group. Glad to have you hanging around! :D