To End the Year

Odly I'm really looking forward to a new year. A fresh start. A new adventure. More lessons to learn. 2010 wasn't my favorite year, and from what I'm hearing, most people feel the same. I wonder why that is... ? Anyway, here's a fun way to let you in on how I will end this year. Happy New Year everyone!

Where I am: Brighton, Colorado

Who I'm with: Uncle Dave, Aunt Jeanie, Christiana- the sister, Tredessa- the cousin, and Stormie- the La Prima.

What I'm doing: Watching episodes of Castle :)

What I'm listening to(or was listening to, rather): Kat Edmonson- My latest fav.

How we're going to ring in the New Year: Probably watching Castle... or sleeping. Boring, I know.

Who I'm missing: Matthew and his midnight kiss.

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