How the Cookie Crumbles...

Last night I ate a fortune cookie. Well, we all know that the best part of a fortune cookie is the fortune, right? Right. So I've decided to jot down a couple thoughts about New Year's resolutions... and my fortune.

For this year, I shall remember this:

'It is the hope and dreams we have that make us great.'

So, my hopes and dreams for this year are as follows:

*Be a better saver financially.

*Enhance my knowledge in, and do more sewing (with my new sewing machine- yay!)

*Memorize more scripture.

*Actually use my cookbooks ;) hehe

*Experience more healing emotionally and mentally.

*Laugh more!

*Go deeper with my Lord.

*Have completed decorating my kitchen and bathroom (my two favorite rooms to decorate)

*Experience more love- giving and receiving.

*Do more domestic and international traveling. (i.e. Chicago, Vegas, Peru... etc.)

*Be completely debt free.

*Build my credit- in a responsible and wise way.

*Own my very own laptop! (Oh, please God, won't you just drop one on my doorstep?)


And overall, I want to put into daily practice the Fruit of the Spirit.

Happy fortune-ing to you all (or resolution-ing if that's what you're into) ;)


  1. Always good to have a fresh start and do some evaluating. I love that it is never to late to do something new or change something about yourself. Love you, hon.

  2. At the risk of heresy, I think God sometimes speaks to us through fortune cookies.