Today is a day to be celebrated. My father's 50th birthday. He may not be excited about the number, but I say choose to make every year your prime! This year I want to give my dad 50 reasons why he is the best! Even though there are countless. Let's get started... 50 reasons makes a looong list. (hehe just kidding, dad) :)

~You make me laugh

~You are a self-taught rock star!

~We have the same sense of humor.

~You see the good in people- something I get from you, and appreciate more than you'll ever know!

~You are kind hearted.

~You listen to the Lord.

~You think I'm funny

~You're tender- in the most manly way, of course!

~You're practically a walking concordance.

~Everyone wants to be your friend.

~We share a heart for missions.

~You get me.

~You pray.

~You come from an amazing family heritage- so grateful to have been brought into that.

~You're strong

~And VERY courageous!

~You're a glass-half-full kinda guy.

~You're always up for a little adventure.

~You laugh at SpongeBob.

~Even if you don't remember, you taught me the first things I learned about the Holy Spirit.

~You're full of love to give!

~You cook awesome food!

~You support me

You're such a great story teller!

~Artist. Need I say more?

~Back in the day you could grow a pretty sweet mustache. We have pictures to prove it.

~You ARE anointed.

~You encourage people.

~You speak Spenchlish. (A made-up language consisting of Spanish, French, English. He thinks its real)

~Your memory is impeccable!

~God speaks to you through dreams- I'm convinced.

~You don't let to many things get you down.

~You're always looking out for me at thrift stores :)

~You never made me mow the lawn.

~You share your vision for ministry and life with me- Thank you :)

~No matter how much you and Mom regretted them, you always had dogs for us!

~You protect us.

~You have lived out Eph. 6:4

~You're creative.

~You didn't get mad when Ross and I ran away.

~You are maybe the only person I know who actually likes cafeteria food!

~You appreciate all kinds of music (except for maybe that screamy stuff Corbin likes ;)

~You told me about a word from the Lord grandpa had when you left for college about Kings of other nations.. remember? I'll never forget the day when you passed that on to me :)

~You have a strange love for Hawaiian shirts.

~You are humble.

~You lean on the Lord.

~You're handsome!

~You are MY dad!

I would follow you to the ends of the earth. I love you, dad! Happy Birthday!



  1. Elise, you get so many points in heaven for the honor you show as a daughter. It WILL go well with you and you will live long on the earth. That is the promise for honor your father and mother.

    Now: I am certain I TAUGHT him how to be a rock-star. In fact I taught him all the good stuff he knows and is. So - just transfer all these great words to me. :) LOVE YA! {aunt j}

  2. Daughter-of-mine,

    You thrill me! Thank you so much for the kind words even though half of them weren't quite accurate.

    And so, then, to the ends of the earth we will go! :o)

    Love you,