I only recently got Internet at my own home. Therefore, I shall update you with what has been recent in my life :)

For my dad's birthday I made this salad. Spinach, strawberries, feta, poppy seed dressing. Pretty much no one liked it but me. Oh well!

My biggest-littlest brother attended his Junior Prom. Doesn't he look dashing?? And soo tall!

Now this I was so excited about! I got my Grandpa Joe's (my mom's dad) famous recipe for Clam Dip. It's more than just that, though, and is DELICIOUS! You eat it with really crunchy chips... Mmm! Anyway, a local store was supposed to be carrying the main ingredient- actual clam dip. Then you add things to it... But, apparently they quick selling it :( So unfortunately I need another go at it. Soon, I hope! Thanks, Grandpa, for sharing it with me!

And I have finally decided. I will make a genuine attempt at learning guitar. My dad is lending me this beauty. It helps to actually have something to learn with :)

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  1. Corbin looks smashing, I LOVE you with the guitar and I would have devoured that amazing salad!! xxoo