Guess who's coming to dinner?? Ok, you got me.. She's coming for a whole eleven days!!


She lives in Sweden, you know... that's kind of far away. But she is one of my bestest friends in the whole world and not even an ocean could keep us from reuniting! In honor of her coming to visit me- not to mention meet my family and boyfriend for the first time- I made a paper chain. Yes, sort of childish of me, I know. But have you made one of those to count anything down recently? They are SO fun! I mean, usually you only take time to count down things that are already exciting, but this just adds to the excitement! Go paper chains!

I've already started making a list of things to do while she is here, but just today (when I counted my chain links) I realized how fast June is approaching. Eek! I have another "to-do" list just to make her accommodations. So, on to that list I go... Just had to share the good news!

Happy counting!

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