What'd'ya Think?

Do you ever have those ideas that you think are just too out there? The ones that make you think "What if I try, and I fail, and then people make fun of me"? Also, do you ever have ideas that you feel may just in fact be from the Lord? Because I think I'm having one of those ideas... and I think I feel both ways about it. Which is probably why I'm just now starting to bring it to light.

What's my idea? I'm glad you asked :) I love to craft. I would like to say create- but I haven't always thought of myself as very creative, so crafting is what I stick to. I like to craft with paper, paint, fabric, things... All things I can find. My idea would be to craft things to sell. Not overly expensive- because, let's face it... I'm a champ when it comes to crafting on a dime. And this is the real reason for the desire for extra money flow. To go toward what ever I feel like I'm supposed to give toward that month, say. Or week... You know what I mean? Like for example, I have an outstanding debt to a very precious organization I once worked with. It has never been out of my mind that I will pay that off, but when all your other money goes toward other things... well... I think every person and their dog probably gets what I'm saying.

So, now the scary slash big question for you... who ever you are reading my blog... What do you think about the idea? I long for your most honest opinions. I'm a truth girl. I believe in it. I promise I won't get mad at you ;) So lay it on me!

Also, just because I think this may be the first question from any given person... How would I promote slash sell my crafts? Via another blog. Linked up to this one. Advertised via facebook. I know myself well enough to say that at this point, even if I actually do this, I'm not committed enough to have say, an Etsy shop. Ok, that's all. Opinions please!


  1. Hi, Elise.
    Let's talk sometime! Would be so fun to network with other creative folks here...

    Have a terrific Thursday ~Natalie

  2. I hear you! I have tried to do several home business-type things and no go so far. I had a website, a blog, a facebook page, but it didn't work. Now maybe with your craft ideas they would sell better-I have two young friends that sell their crocheted children's hats via a FB business page, so depending on what you want to make/sell, perhaps you will have great success :) It won't hurt to try, that's for sure! Read my status from a couple days ago about people making fun of people who fail :)

  3. I know you can do it. Test market on your family and peers and maybe an Etsy shop isn't too far off?

    The Wise White Man From Town

  4. Good Morning, Elise,
    I'd love to see some of your creations. We should get together sometime and share ideas about this!

    Have a great day ~Natalie

  5. I was going to say... Etsy? I love your idea, Elise! I totally think you could sell what ever you make because you are a pretty crafty lady! Best wished on your endeavors! :)