Saturday was a day for laughing, fun, friends and family. A day for a party. To celebrate one amazing woman. One amazing mom. My mom. Her birthday isn't until tomorrow, but we had one heck of a time yesterday, showering her with love and gifts and hugs.
My mom's 46th year has been a difficult one- in more ways than anyone will ever really understand. And my number one prayer for her 47th? Healing, restoration, true love, and real happiness. Hopefully this quaint party was the start to those things.
I made cute invites that had a rhyme to explain the nights events, and made a few simple, matching decorations :) It was fun! The food included Buffalo Chicken dip and Cucumber roll-ups (recipes found on my Pinterest), a delicious punch, coffee and other yummy treats.
And of course, the famous 'Shoemaker birthday cake'.

My mom has had this birthday cake every year since she was one year old. And that tradition has been the same for all of us kids as well. It's a scrumptious chocolate cake made from scratch (of course) with a "fluffy white frosting" that looks like marshmallow but isn't. Then, the top is drizzled with melted Hershey's bar... OMG. Yum! We definitely had enough to feed all of you... You should've been there!
And her friends. Amazing people! They gave gifts that showed her how loved she is, but most importantly.. They came. They hugged her. They care. I am thankful for those people.

It was a great night- so fun! I love you, Mom! Happiest birthday to you!


  1. The cake looks amazing! Can't wait to get the recipe ;p

  2. awwww. i wish i was there...but oh wait!!! she's coming to ME!!! day after tomorrow!!!!!! yeah!!

  3. Elise, what a fabulous party! Happy Birthday Robin, and way to rock those bangs, so cute!

  4. Thank you, honey, for loving me so much and working so hard to make my day special. It was so fun. I just couldn't ask for better kids. You make my world go round. I love you.