Here Comes the Jackpot Question in Advance:

{What did you do on New Year's Eve?}

I had a couple dates- which was very new for me. It's been years, I truly believe, since I've even stayed up to see the ball drop- let alone see it through with friends and family. This year, I did just that. Matt and I had a surprise birthday/New Year's party at our dear family friends', the Iwerks. They have a really big family. Really. Big. So there was tons of food and laughing and memories and catching up. It was fun. Really. Fun.

As you can see in the picture with all the shoes; there were a lot of people there. I loved it. I love large gatherings where you can tell people love each other and love getting together. Thanks! Iwerks' for letting us be a part of the celebration!!

We also spent a small amount of time with a few of my close girlfriends playing a hilarious board game called "What's Yours Like?" A card is picked for everyone except whose turn it is to see. Each card has an item that most people have (i.e. desk, favorite fruit, silverware drawer, etc.) You must give a single clue to what yours is like... and that person tries to guess what's on the card with the fewest amount of clues. Ok. That was a basically the rule book... So hopefully you got it. It was fun :) Lots of laughing there too. And who doesn't want to ring in the new year with laughing?

And the best part of my new year's eve? I didn't have to wonder whose arms would be holding me good and tight when it was exactly twelve o'clock that night :)


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  1. Super cute post, Elise! You and your mama are so beautiful! Love that feeling of being surrounded by those you love on a holiday like New Years. That game sounds really fun and hilarious! Looking forward to seeing all of you ladies again soon! Happy New Year!