Pies the Limit

I've never been big on resolutions. Maybe it's because I somehow know I will most likely fail at them, or maybe because I'm just too lazy. Well this year is going to be different. I am making a resolution. Maybe I'll make more as the year goes by, {who says you can't do that} but for now, just one.

I will make pies. Learn, create, master even. ... Ok maybe not MASTER, but you get the enthusiasm.

And I am excited about this resolution. This goal. I believe in myself! I really believe this is a resolution that I will see carried out. And... I will blog about my pies. Yes, my pies will be delicious, not-so-nutritious and pretty :)

Are you excited?? I bet you want to come eat pie with me now, uh? Well... you can. But I haven't made one yet. I'll open my window and blow the fresh-out-of-the-oven scent in your direction. I promise. It might just come in the form of a blog.

So get your fork and tuck your napkin in to your shirt- this is gonna be good!


  1. Definitely watch "Pushing Daisies" to get you in the mood. It will help. Oh, and pies are easy-peasy lemon squeezy. Like, really really easy. Have fun!

  2. You are your mother's daughter so this should make it easy. :)

  3. Oh...and your date at the top confuses me because today is 1/2 but since you have the day first it is 2/1 which makes it look backwards and well I was confused. And if you do this while you are baking pies they will not turn out because 2/1 is a whole lot more than 1/2. Just sayin'.

  4. Oh...and I love you. Now that I can post comments i just wanted to be sure you knew.