Quiet Moments

At this time three weeks ago I was pregnant. Eternally pregnant, I thought. Did you feel that way? I think every woman gets to that point where you're thinking "Um... I think I'm going to be this way forever".

I was finished with nursery projects. I had washed baby clothes. I was already reading books to Baby. The hardest part was- I was looking at all this stuff... and it was empty. An empty swing, crib, car seat. We had been anticipating our first born for what felt like forever already, and we could hardly wait another day.

We waited 6 more days to be exact. Actually, it was more like 8 days. But contractions started the party on Friday at 2am. 46 hours later, our beloved Blake Matthew graced us with his presence.The best Mother's Day present ever.

It seems like there should be more to be said. But that's what I'm figuring out in this parenting thing. There are so many words in the unspoken moments. I could hold Blake all day, not say a thing, and feel like I've expressed anything and everything I'd ever wanted to tell him. I know at some point, I'll actually have to do that. Teach him, and bring him up in the ways of the Lord. But for now, I love the quiet moments. In the middle of the day, late at night... and really early morning. I am breathing in the quiet moments as if each one will be my last. (From what I hear, they grow up fast)

Blake- you take my breath away. You make me cry for no reason. You are perfect to me. I love you.

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