this is happening

Believe it or not, Blake turned 2 months old on Thursday. Whaaa? I know- where in the world did the time go! This is my first go around with this "growing up fast" thing, so for all you pros out there, you understand. But I'm still like.. whaaa...?
He basically rocks at being a baby. I'm convinced #2 will be a devil child. Isn't that how the cards usually deal out? But seriously... he's already great at holding his head up and we rarely do tummy-time (whoops!) and look at this:

Totally into that book. Matt read him The Little Engine That Could. He did a hilarious job reading it and Blake was into it.

Sweet memories, my friends, sweet.

love and quit growing Blake! (but actually don't stop- that could cause problems),

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  1. What a cute little man! Yep...before you know it, we'll be celebrating our little one's first birthdays!! AHHHHHH!!!!! I just keep reminding myself that each stage is so great, and to be excited for Chloe to keep growing when I get sad that she's not a newborn anymore. (That works sometimes - ha!).