It's almost time...

I think everyone already knows. Because I'm too excited to keep it to myself- JULIA IS COMING TO VISIT! 2 WEEKS FROM TODAY! AH! In honor of her coming, I've officially created a 'Spare 'Oom'. I wanted to name it even- "Weary Traveler" hehe... But I think it's inviting enough that she'll get that from it without a sign on the door :)

The room originally had one wall and the ceiling dark blue with the rest of the walls a nice contrasting light blue. I'm not too keen on blue. However, I found the CUTEST drapes at Salvies that happened to match the light blue. So I painted the dark blue plain white.

Before and after + the curtains. Note to self: Never paint a ceiling again! SO hard!

Complete :)(Not shown: one corner that holds an old guitar of my dad's and a very vintage briefcase/luggage piece) Pretty cute for a house that's made from mostly plastic, vinyl, and 70's wallpaper!

Can't wait for you to get here, my friend! Long awaited talks, laughs, cries, hugs and... well, you get the picture. See you not soon enough!


  1. those are really CUTE curtains!!! The room is adorable :) You did a great job!

  2. Are those the book ends from the antique store in Bristol?! Very cute transformation! Can't wait for my own before and after!