A Night In

Life gets busy. We all know that. Nights like tonight are always welcome, and sometimes feel so few and far between. I stayed at home, and cooked- if you could call it that- an easy but delicious dinner for Matt and I :)

I had this sandwich creation at a local bistro-type diner a month or so ago. It seems like a strange combination, yes. But soo good!

It's your basic tuna sandwich. Add: Avocado and... Green Apples! Sliced real thin.

Matt had me put his apples on the side but was brave enough to try it! He liked it :)I also made sweet potato fries and homemade honey-mustard. It was delish!

So we ate and watched Practical Magic. We also laughed a lot. I love that that's a common occurrence between us. Laughter heals the heart, and makes life a little brighter- there can never be too much laughter!


  1. You are a darling domestic girl!

  2. Love this! I need to learn how to make sweet potato fries...Mmm!