craft room update

Ok you guys. I'm starting to feel like I got myself in to a bigger project than I planned. Isn't that how it always goes? I've made good progress, I feel, however there is still SO much to do! Here's an update:

The 'to-do' list:
Move drums & music stands
Get rest of trash out
Remove carpet
Sweep/dust/scrub walls & floor
Clean window
Paint (floor too?)
Fix hole in ceiling
Come up with a solution for closet
Clean up northeast nook area

See? I can cross some stuff off the list... But let's address something. Mildew and mold is ev-er-y-where. Like behind the nook in the last photo above. Look what I found:

 Yes. I know. How could I let this happen. Well, I didn't. But that doesn't matter. It's gross. And I will not even be trying to get rid of that with bleach and Kilz. I WILL be cutting out that part of the wall and replacing it with nice, new, clean sheetrock. Yay! I guess that's another thing to add to the to-do list. 

Off to do more work. Happy Mold-cleanup Monday!

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