three, 3, tres, trois

You know what I just realized? Summer- for me- is just around the corner. As in this Friday is the last day of school. See, I'm not IN school anymore. But I do work at one- making my summers just like the kids. Which I LOVE! (I mean, of course as a responsible adult, I'll work through the summer doing other things. But let's pretend otherwise for now)

You know what I also just realized. I have so many things looming on a loooong to-do list in order to prep for summer. Why is it that I need to have certain things done in order to fully enjoy the beginning of my {fake} summer break? I'm not really sure, either. But thanks for trying to answer that for me. 

I've got this other list. Things that are more important than petty to-do lists. Like graduations and grandparents in town. And that basement project I got myself in to. Which of course is at the bottom of the more important list- just to clarify my priorities. Anyway, off to work I must go.

3 days and counting!!
Happy Wednesday, loves!

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