It's happening.

I've finally become a bit inspired. As opposed to doing it because it just needs to be done. Or has to be done, even. I've been reading iheartorganizing blog- it's amazing and you should definitely check it out! And I'm become inspired. Today I will show you the must-re-do craft room. In fact, it's yet to be a craft room. It used to be an office, and then became a mini swimming pool after a lot of rain one summer. Never been anything since... (no judging, please). 

The official BEFORE:

The 'to-do' list:
Move drums & music stands
Get rest of trash out
Remove carpet
Sweep/dust/scrub walls & floor
Clean window
Paint (floor too?)
Fix hole in ceiling
Come up with a solution for closet
Clean up northeast nook area

I better get a move on, right? Happy Saturday to you, and happy cleaning slash organizing to me!

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